I think we have all felt somewhat vulnerable this year for different reasons. It may be because of being scared of catching COVID-19, losing your job and income or losing your partner. There are many reasons and each of them are unique to the individual. What I would say is that nothing is so bad that you can’t bounce back.

Through life we will experience panic, sadness, loss and grief. One minute you are OK the next the grief sets in and you feel the stress and panic of what should you do. I will tell you I have suffered those fears and wasn’t sure of my next move or if I had the energy to move on… but I did get through it and you do come out the other side, even if it doesn’t feel like you will.

Make sure you talk to your friends tell them how you feel. Let them help you.

Put yourself first for once.

Shout, scream and let it all out…. (might not do any good but will exhaust you so that you can sleep).

Take each day at time and don’t push yourself to hard.

Find something to focus on.

Know that you are not on your own so many people suffer and they feel it is just them but it’s not. Ask for help…..

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